LIU Post Art Professor Winn Rea’s Work Displayed Across New York


Summer is a time for enjoying the natural beauty around us. Sometimes, though, that means going inside, as work by LIU Post Associate Professor of Art Winn Rea has been featured in the Hecksher Museum of Art in Huntington, N.Y. and Gallery 46 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Billing herself as an “environmental artist,” Rea addresses environmental themes in a variety of media, including sculptures, installations, videos, and work on paper. “All of my works are a meditation on where I fit into the greater scheme of things on the planet,” Rea recently told the Times Beacon Record. “I want my legacy to be longer lasting in terms of the way my work helps people to think about the world differently and to become more aware of the impact of their everyday choices on the planet.”

Part of the way Rea changes how people think about the world is through her instruction at LIU Post. “I want to give students confidence in their own creativity and help them cultivate their problem-solving skills through the design process.” Rea said.

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