Long Island University Announces Annual Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contest


Junior and Senior High School Students Can Earn Prizes and Scholarships for Winning Presentations on “Why President Theodore Roosevelt Matters in the 21st Century”

Brookville, N.Y. Jan. 11, 2021: The Theodore Roosevelt Institute at Long Island University, in partnership with the Theodore Roosevelt Association, announced today the launch of its annual Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contest. High school juniors and seniors from around the country are invited to compete in the national contest designed to enhance their critical thinking, leadership and independent research skills.

Student contestants are asked to submit a recorded video speech of approximately four minutes in length on the topic of “Why Theodore Roosevelt Matters in the 21st Century.” The submission deadline is Monday, March 1, and 10 finalists will be selected on Friday, March 12. Students selected to compete in the finals will deliver their speeches live during a virtual event on Saturday, April 24 in front of a panel of seven judges comprised of LIU faculty/administrators and leaders of the Theodore Roosevelt Association. For complete submission guidelines and contest details, please visit https://liu.edu/roosevelt/contest.

The contest winner will receive a $2,500 award, the second-place contestant will receive a $1,000 award, and the third-place contestant will receive a $500 award. The winner will also receive a $25,000 scholarship to Long Island University, and the nine other finalists will receive a $10,000 scholarship to Long Island University.

According to Tweed Roosevelt, who is chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute, professor at LIU, and great-grandson of the former president, “Theodore Roosevelt embodied the principles of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to accomplish one’s goals. TR also believed that by challenging young people to strive for greatness, they would have the tools to lead successful lives. We look forward to the contest submissions from future leaders that will illuminate the life and legacy of America’s 26th president and his relevancy to the challenges we face today.”

“The Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contest is designed to challenge students to develop their critical thinking and research skills on a national stage,” said Long Island University President Kimberly R. Cline. “LIU is committed to giving deserving students the opportunity to take the next step in their academic journey and make college more accessible by awarding millions of dollars in scholarships each year. The winners of this contest will be given the opportunity to study with like-minded students in our vibrant campus community.”

About the Theodore Roosevelt Institute (TRI)

The Theodore Roosevelt Institute serves as a home for research, public seminars, workshops, educational programs, and conferences about Roosevelt, his times, and contemporaries. As a hands-on learning space, the TRI showcases many of the 26th president’s writings and collections. As a forum for academic assessment and discussion of his legacy, conferences and events led by preeminent scholars offer public access to local history and an ability to connect with that history in a very real way.

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