LIU Post assistant dean Graziela Fusaro, second from right, guides students, from left to right, Shaheryar Sultan, Night Azam, Shelby Graves and Megan Byne, with their projects during a cash flow class part of LIU IQ program, Nov. 16, 2017. Photo Credit: Yeong-Ung Yang

Since 2015 some 200 LIU Post students have gotten real-world experience thanks to a far-reaching program called LIU-iQ Consulting that connects them to businesses around the globe.

As described in Newsday, the students work closely with local and international companies such as Empire National Bank, Institutional Investor, the Vision Group in Brazil and Dongkang Medical Center in South Korea. Although they’re not paid, the students accrue college credit for their projects while they gain invaluable experience that pays off in their career search.

“We don’t have a single student who has graduated without a job offer,” says Robert Valli, dean of the College of Management who handles the program with Assistant Deans Graziela Fusaro and Ray Pullaro.

The article highlighted students like international business major Zeynep Atabay, finance major Natalia Schaefer and Adam Bhatti, who graduated with a business administration degree from LIU in 2016. Thanks to Bhatti’s consulting project with eParel, he said, “I essentially started a year ahead of schedule in my professional life.”

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