LIU Brooklyn Scientists Part of Groundbreaking Discovery, Reports News 12


News 12 Brooklyn was on hand to report a groundbreaking discovery in astrophysics by a contributing team of scientists at LIU Brooklyn.

The discovery of a phenomenon called a neutron star merger has implications that help prove Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. LIU’s radio telescope in New Mexico helped observe the event for the first time.

Astrophysicist Michael Kavic told News 12, “It allows us to get a complete picture of the system and the system is really very extreme. It’s a system where the laws of physics are really pushed to their limits so there’s a great deal for us to learn by looking at it in all these many different kinds of ways, through all these many different kinds of instruments.”

The discovery was the subject of a celebratory press event at the National Book Club October 16, hosted by the National Science Foundation.