Theodore Roosevelt Four-Part Virtual Lecture Series


BROOKVILLE, N.Y. – The Theodore Roosevelt Institute at Long Island University announced today “Tales of Theodore Roosevelt,” a four-part virtual lecture series about President Theodore Roosevelt presented by his great-grandson Tweed Roosevelt, Chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute and Long Island University Professor.  The lectures will be held May 19th, June 16th, September 15th and October 20th at Noon EST through Zoom and are free and open to the public.

Each lecture will focus on Theodore Roosevelt’s colorful career, and will follow with a Q&A period. Kicking off the series on Tuesday, May 19th at Noon EST, “Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands,” will retell extraordinary stories from the President’s formative period of his life shared by Tweed Roosevelt. For example, as a young deputy sheriff in North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt hunted down dangerous desperadoes, almost got into a duel with a crack shot French aristocrat, and saved a saloon of drinkers by punching out a terrorizing drunkard. To register, please visit

“President Theodore Roosevelt continues to fascinate Americans a century after his death for his charismatic personality, forward-thinking policies and dynamic leadership,” stated Tweed Roosevelt, Long Island University Professor and Chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute. “Few figures in our nation’s history can rival the bipartisan support that has always followed our nation’s 26th president. This exciting lecture series gives insight into unknown parts of TR’s life and sheds insight into why his legacy lives on.”

The virtual lecture series will continue with the following:

TR and the U. S. Navy 

Tuesday, June 16th at 12 pm EST

Hosted by Tweed Roosevelt, the lecture explores the story of how Theodore Roosevelt used naval power to make the U.S. a world power, and will include a discussion about the current situation surrounding the aircraft carrier named after him, the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN17).

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Down the Amazon: Theodore Roosevelt and the River of Doubt

Tuesday, Sept. 15th at 12 pm EST

Tweed Roosevelt will retrace President Theodore Roosevelt’s adventure through Brazil which was undoubtedly his most dangerous trip in which he barely survived.  This trip is as wild today as it was in 1914.

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Theodore Roosevelt, Master Diplomat

Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 12 pm EST

Tweed Roosevelt will detail how President Theodore Roosevelt was a master diplomat. This little-known area of diplomacy Theodore Roosevelt exhibited during his presidency, perhaps did more to keep the world at peace than any other president has achieved. His approach is a blueprint that can be used today.

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