LIU to Launch New Facilities Service Response System to Improve Service Requests


Beginning this Monday, April 2, Long Island University will implement a new Facilities Service Request System on the Post and Brooklyn campuses.  This informative and interactive, user-friendly system will improve maintenance response by streamlining requests.

Once a request is entered, it is assigned a request code that is communicated back to the requestor so the request can be tracked from the initial call for service to the completion of the task at hand.

As shown in the screenshot, the new app allows anyone in the LIU community with access to the LIU IT intranet to use the link to submit a request for facilities services at the campuses. The buildings are organized in the system by their labels and their location codes. These key codes include: 16491—Post campus; 16952—Brooklyn campus; and 001025—Other.

The new system can be accessed here, beginning on April 2, which should be bookmarked for quick access.

We asked LIU Executive Director of Facilities Roy Fergus some questions about the new system and how it will improve service requests:

Q) What is this new system for?

A) “This is a new Facilities Services Request System that allows anyone on the LIU network to submit a request for facilities service using an app.  It is designed to be easy to use.  The system assigns a request code and notifies the requestor about the status of the request from start to completion. The system is organized by campus, building and floor.”

Q) Who needs to know?

A) “This new system is available to everyone within the LIU community.”

Q) Who may submit a request?

A) “The app and its use is available to everyone in the LIU community who needs to submit a facilities service request.”

Q) Why are we implementing it now?

A) “We are always looking for new ways to improve operations and better serve the LIU community.  We wanted to make sure that we had a system that is easy to use, easy to track, and improves operations.”

Q) Do you have examples of the kinds of requests that would be made?

A) “Any facilities service request, common requests can range from heating and cooling questions to leaks.  My advice is if there is an issue that is concerning you, put in the request, and let us sort it out.”

Q) What’s the most important information that you want to share about this new procedure?

A) “This new procedure is active, interactive, and easy to use and allows for a full audit trail of all service requests.”