Middle States Reaffirms Long Island University Accreditation


In June 2023, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) fully reaffirmed Long Island University’s accreditation.  This concludes a multi-year self-study process by Middle States evaluators. LIU’s self-study was selected as a best practice for the Middle States Self-Study Institute for accredited institutions. The next eight-year reaccreditation evaluation will occur in academic year 2030-2031.

“The Middle States Self Study effort provides an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on LIU’s strategic vision, programs, and processes. The entire University community participated in meaningful dialogue about our shared goals and commitment to elevating Long Island University to a top nationally recognized teaching and research institution,” stated Dr. Kimberly Cline, president of Long Island University.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) is an institutional accreditor recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) that serves as an independent voice in higher education. MSCHE establishes equitable standards for accreditation with member institutions that advance the impact of accreditation in the ever-changing landscape of higher education and promotes educational excellence through innovation across diverse institutions.

Long Island University earned commendations from Middle States accreditors indicating transformational progress throughout two consecutive inclusive strategic plans.

Recognition of Long Island University “exemplary practices” cited by the Middle States Commission Evaluation Team Report included:

  • “The culture around continuous improvement guided by the Policy of Institutional Effectiveness and the Policy of Educational Effectiveness creates a level of reflection and accountability in a simple sustainable way.”
  • “The goals of the strategic plan are widely recognized throughout the campus by deliberate mapping of all program and unit goals to University goals. Stakeholders are integral to the success of the strategic plan.”
  • “The impact of The Promise Success Coaches and other Enrollment Services professionals in supporting access and improving on-time graduation is demonstrated in large part through improved year-one retention rate and improved 6-year graduation rates, which have improved annually. The graduation rates among Pell Grant recipients are also improving consistently. This progress is commendable; robust assessment methods at the macro-level, campus-level and across various student populations can assist campus leadership in directing targeted interventions and boosting resources to proven successful programmatic initiatives.”
  • “The University has a robust Educational Effectiveness Policy that outlines assessment protocol that meets or exceeds contemporary higher educational standards regarding identifying educational goals and periodic evaluation of institutional learning outcomes or competencies, outcomes assessment, and program review.”
  • “The team commends the institution for the number of supplemental student learning experiences beyond the classroom ranging from internships, partnerships with external organizations for students to experience learning in their program discipline, ‘simulation learning opportunities,’ and student led experiences such as the Student Consulting Program and Student Investment Fund. The institution is also to be commended for the number of programs that have been approved, certified, or accredited by reputable external agencies, reflecting transparency and academic rigor.”
  • “The student athletic program and student-athlete outcomes are highly successful; performance standards are consistently high and student-athletes are substantially engaged with other non- athletic programs such as residence life and leadership of student organizations. Student-athletes speak highly of their experiences at LIU. As the program matures in its Division 1 status, we encourage the continuation of student-athlete involvement across the co-curricular experience.”
  • “Strong strategic and financial planning increased the endowment, operational capacity and sustainability from an unstable condition over ten years ago to a stronger position to allow for moving forward taking the institution to 2030.”
  • “Dr. Kimberly Cline has served the university well since 2013. Her education, experience and skills have advanced LIU during a time when many higher education institutions are facing difficulties. Dr. Cline is to be congratulated for her vision and ability to advance Long Island University.”

—Middle States Commission
Self-Study Evaluation Team Report, March 2023