Students in the LIU Post Fashion Merchandising program have been very busy visiting some of the most interesting locations to learn more about their study of expertise. Organized by the Director of the Fashion Merchandising Program, Professor Cherie Serota, who has been a leader in the industry for over 25 years, the students took a trip to Victor Talbots, a one of a kind couture fashion brand for men, located in Greenvale, NY. As part of their studies of menswear fashion, the students had the opportunity to experience the world of menswear in its proper environment. Professor Serota worked in many areas of the fashion industry and ultimately built a multi-million-dollar global lifestyle brand, cultivating valuable industry connections in the process.

“I am a strong believer in experiential and applied learning, especially in the ever-changing world of fashion” said Professor Serota. “ I have implemented a curriculum at LIU Post that incorporates all facets of this practice, and in the study of menswear, how better to learn it than to touch it, see it, and hear it from the best in the business. With the gold standard of Men’s Fashion, literally up the road from us, why not teach our fashion students about the world of Bespoke Tailoring in the surroundings of the finest and most luxurious menswear fabrics from around the world. Victor Scognamiglio and his entire staff took the students and faculty (including our Dean of our Business school) on a journey, as we listened to the history of Men’s fashion, small business practicum, and the nuances of old world tailoring, a trade that seems to be a dying breed.”

Students were in awe after arriving at Victor Talbots and learning more about their “made to measure” suits made with the finest cloth and gabardines. Victor explained that he first opened the shop in 1985 after he has a vision in college about starting a menswear shop. He dreamed of being a business man although, at the time, he had been working in corporate finance. He began assembling his shop in Greenvale and hired staff to begin building his brand.

“With a great leader like Professor Serota, I’m glad to be apart of the Fashion Merchandising program” said student, Julia Porter. “Visiting Victor Talbots was an eye-opening experience and it was refreshing to learn about his journey in how he became an entrepreneur in menswear. My dream is to follow in his footsteps to one day create my own clothing and become a trend-setter for womans clothing.”

Today, Victor has had great success in menswear, tailoring suits to fit every curve and creating exclusivity by purchasing only in small quantities. The shop has been included in the 1995 film Sabrina, the 1999 film Meet the Parents, and is currently the brand being worn by the sportscasters on the NFL Today Show on CBS.

“Listening to Victor tell his story and show us his exclusive products has given me a new outlook on Fashion” said student Rebecca Joy. “It isn’t just about designing the clothing, it’s also about working hard, developing a brand, and being proud of the product you have developed from the ground up.”

LIU Post’s Fashion Merchandising program offers students a unique interdisciplinary program with experts at the helm and close proximity to New York City, affording entree to “fashion laboratories” where they can acquire experience in real-world environments, leading to jobs and internship opportunities within top companies in the industry.

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